Arrowhead LP Gas is your source for quality home appliances from Whirlpool Corporation,  General Electric Corporation, and Crosley. If you live in Kake or Wrangell or anywhere on Prince of Wales Island, count on Arrowhead LP Gas for your appliance needs. We stock some appliances in each of these locations, but there are many more options to choose from.

If you live in one of our larger communities, please check with your local dealer first.  If they are not able to get what you need, then let us know.

We are happy to quote on "whole-house" packages, too. Let us know what you need!

Pick out your favorite models from these Web Sites:

whirlpool* Crosley
Unique SpeedQueen Broan

*Whirlpool has granted 1329696-Arrowhead LP Gas permission to use trademarks and copyrighted material for limited purposes