Propane TanksWe have tanks in many sizes and configurations to meet your gas needs. You pay an annual rental fee for use of the tank.  At the time of hooking up our tank, we will run a pressure test on your gas system to insure that you are leak free.  If repairs to your gas system are deemed necessary, our certified gas technician will be happy to take care of them for you at our standard service rates.

The first year's tank rental fee is non-refundable. Thereafter, if you move or no longer are using gas, we can refund a pro-rated portion of your paid annual rent. Contact your local Arrowhead LP Gas office - they will set you up with the proper size tank for your situation, and explain the current rental fees.

Tank Selection from Worthington

Tank Dimensions
 DOT Cylinders (vertical)
  • Can be placed right alongside building. Can be transported full.
  • Tank opening must be minimum of 10' from any air intake for direct appliance, or ventilation system.
  • Tank opening must be minimum of 10' from source of ignition (appliance vent, air conditioner, etc.)
  • Tank opening must be minimum of 5' from any window that opens or crawl space opening.
200# Cylinder = 50 gallon capacity
22" diameter, 41" tall, empty 145#, full 345# 
Annual Rental $75/ Purchase Price $570
420# Cylinder = 100 gallon capacity
31" diameter, 54" tall, empty 273#, full 693#
Annual Rental $75/ Purchase Price $825
ASME Tanks (horizontal)
100 gallon capacity 
Follow same distance guidelines as for DOT cylinder
24" diameter, 68" long,  257# empty
Annual Rental $75/ Purchase Price  $955
250 gallon capacity
10' Minimum distance from buildings, etc.
30" diameter, 94" long, 483# empty
Annual Rental $100/ Purchase Price  $1325
500 gallon capacity
10' Minimum distance from buildings, etc.
37" diameter, 119" long, 949# empty
Annual Rental $200/ Purchase Price  $2115
1000 gallon capacity
25' Minimum distance from buildings, etc.
41" diameter, 192" long, 1760# empty
Annual Rental $300/ Purchase Price $3225

Many of our offices stock and sell smaller cylinders for recreational use.  These websites will show you dimensions of available cylinders.

Manchester Tank
| Worthington Cylinder

**Metering Systems are also available - one large tank with metered lines running to adjacent buildings. 

Manchester Tanks
Worthington Cylinders Manchester Tank